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Technical Support Cell is offering following services:

Testing services

  • Flue gas analysis of steam boilers and electricity generators.
  • Tuning of air fuel ratio of steam boilers
  • Power Analysis of electric Motors and Pumps
  • Power Analysis of factory load
  • Efficiency check up of Motors and Pumps
  • Check up of light lux in Production Area
  • Steam Boiler Efficiency check up

Energy Efficiency & Management

  • Thermal Energy Audit
  • Electrical Energy Audit
  • Establishment of Energy Management system (ISO-50001)

Productivity Improvement

  • Green Productivity Baseline Audits and Implementation of GP interventions
  • Material flow Cost Accounting
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Modular Production

Environmental Management

  • Consultancy services on Environmental management system ( ISO-140001)

Training and Capacity Development of Industry Professionals

We provide following trainings to industry professionals on regular Basis:
  • Energy Manager Training
  • Training on Lean Manufacturing
  • Training on Energy Management System ( ISO-50001)
  • Training on Cleaner Production
  • Training on Green Productivity